Vince Auletta

SwiftStack, Director, Media Solutions

Vince Auletta is the director of media solutions at SwiftStack and a lifelong fan of visual storytelling, technology, and the many ways they intersect. Based in Los Angeles, Auletta focuses on helping SwiftStack’s media clients get the most out of their solutions through a combination of on-site consultations and meticulous testing in SwiftStack’s high performance Media Solutions Lab.

Prior to joining SwiftStack, Auletta was the director of technology and security at Premiere Digital, where he helped pioneer the use of scale-out ‘cloud’ techniques and technologies on-premises for extremely high volume workflows.

Auletta holds a B.A. in film and media studies from the University of California at Santa Barbara, where he honed his skills as a cinematographer and colorist during the transition from celluloid film to digital cinema cameras.

Featured in: Sports Content Management Workshop (Monday)

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