Sergey Maliuk

Zixi, VP, Engineering

Sergey Maliuk is a hands-on, results-driven professional with over 10 years of people management experience and a deep technical understanding of software and hardware (IoT/consumer electronics) development. Passionate about creating products that solve real-world problems, Maliuk’s engineering-management skills and entrepreneurial mindset inspires his team to creatively and efficiently deliver projects and creative business ideas. Prior to Zixi, Maliuk served as the SVP of live software and hardware at Vimeo, where he oversaw the development of the Livestream Studio and Mevo camera products. As Zixi’s VP of engineering, he oversees the release management, QA management, and DevOps of the Zixi Software Platform, in addition to leading special development projects.

Sergey holds a master’s degree in computer science from Zaporizhzhya National Technical University.

Featured in: SVG Digital (Monday)

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