Ryan Morris

Arista Networks, Systems Engineer

Ryan Morris is a systems engineer at Arista Networks, with his focus being in the media and entertainment vertical. While at Arista, Morris has assisted with the successful design and configuration of numerous ST-2110 deployments across the globe, while also acting as an SME in performing numerous training courses and discussions regarding the broadcasting industry’s transition to IP. Morris has worked with Arista’s numerous partners to assist in creating a better user experience for all those embarking on the IP transition, through enhanced monitoring systems and implementing best practices that relate to both multicast and PTP distribution.

Prior to joining Arista Networks, Morris was involved in many IP deployments while working at Imagine Communications and CTV Bell Media. This includes numerous Olympic Games’ transmission networks, covering the encoding/decoding paths over the WAN, as well as uncompressed signals over IP over a LAN.

Morris graduated from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, with a Bachelor of Applied Science in electrical engineering.

Featured in: IP Production and Engineering Workshop (Monday)

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