Per Von Rosen

Sportradar, Senior Product Manager, Broadcast

Per Von Rosen started out in broadcast in 2006 as a graphics operator for then Swedish broadcaster Canal+, now Cmore. After multiple years in trucks around the world, in addition to hundreds of events and numerous production tools later as an employee of NEP Productions, Von Rosen moved to Chyronhego to make player tracking relevant to broadcasters both as a production-tool, but also as a storytelling element.

After successfully partnering with Major League Baseball Advanced Media to get Statcast on-air for Fox, Turner, and MLB Network, Von Rosen moved to Sportradar in 2017. At Sportradar, Von Rosen works with Sportradar’s broadcast products such as multi-sport data packages for graphics and Radar360 (Sportradar’s multi-sport research tool). He also works with Sportradar’s research team that currently supports 5,000+ live broadcast per year with both in-game research support and pre-game research packages.

Featured in: Sports Graphics and AR Workshop (Monday)

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