Neal Conlon

AppGuard, SVP, Business Development
Neal Conlon is a mission-driven marine veteran. Post military service, he has developed a background in technology, process, and people. Conlon’s range of industries has provided him exposure to business models, compliance frameworks, technology architecture, and security.

At Appguard, Conlon serves as a SVP of business development. He is dedicated to ensuring that clients and partners are successful in protecting their businesses, mitigating risk, and doing it in a meaningful way.

Conlon’s focus is to listen to a person’s concerns and problem statements and in turn, engage with them in a way that will solve the problem and add value to the conversation.

Before Appguard, Conlon was a sales director at Plurilock, a behavioral monitoring startup with a focus on insider threat. In addition, Conlon has worked for other companies, including Morgan Stanley, Guggenheim Partners, and Cushman Wakefield.

Featured in: SVG Content Security Workshop (Tuesday)

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