Kevin McCabe

Blizzard Entertainment, Development Operations Engineer, Live Operations Broadcast Technology Group

As development operations engineer for global broadcast at Blizzard Entertainment, Kevin McCabe is embedded in the broadcast team to enable fast technology growth. This includes automating software development infrastructure and deployments, as well as collaborating on efforts such as the MAM.

McCabe began work with Blizzard in 2018, establishing the new CMS system and getting up to speed on broadcast tech. Over the last 18 months, McCabe and his team have put great effort into helping stand up and enabling the MAM for the Overwatch League. This includes system integrations as well as developing serverless microservice based workflows.

McCabe comes from a background of heavy AWS and Linux engineering focused on business to business solutions. He is hoping to take his AWS and business experience to the broadcast space and expand on the cool things Blizzard is doing in esports.

Featured in: Sports Content Management Workshop (Monday)

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