Kevin Callahan

Fox Sports, Director of Technical Operations

Kevin Callahan oversees Fox’s World Cup operations and engineering, as well as operations for Fox’s entire soccer portfolio. In this role, Callahan is tasked with providing coverage of events large and small, both on location and from the studio. He joined Fox Sports Media Group in the summer of 2013 to oversee the technical planning and development/deployment of new technology.

For the previous seven years, Callahan was the engineer in charge of Game Creek's Fox trucks. In that time, he served as EIC for the NFL on Fox, including Fox’s coverage of Super Bowl XLII, Super Bowl XLV, and NASCAR on Fox. Callahan has worked with vendors and Fox to migrate to a tapeless workflow on site, and expand a tape-based workflow from site to the studio. Prior to joining Game Creek Video, Callahan worked for NBC News Tech Ops providing live coverage of news events from around the world.

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