Gregory Maratea

Iron Mountain Entertainment Services (IMES), Program Manager

Gregory Maratea came to Iron Mountain Entertainment Services in 2015 from a career in post production where he specialized in producing DI/ Finishing, as well as film remastering and digital restoration. Taking his knowledge of workflow and processes, Maratea and the IMES Technology team create client solutions ranging from the migration of end-of-life media assets to integration with the latest cloud technologies to looking forward to wide scale virtualization of systems and software. He is a leader on a team that drives towards exceeding customer expectations, executing in a predictable and steady manner, and adhering to the business rationale for any solution. Since joining IMES in 2015, Maratea and the IMES team have successfully migrated over 1.5PB of physical assets to files, resulting in otherwise sedimentary content being preserved and monetized in a new life.

Featured in: Cloud Services Spotlight (Monday)

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