Dan Turk

NEP Group, VP and Chief Engineer

Dan Turk is VP and chief engineer of NEP’s U.S. Broadcast Services division. Before starting his professional career at NEP, Turk was a part of NEP’s industry-leading apprenticeship program. Prior to his work as an apprentice, he lived in Daytona Beach where he had worked full-time for MRN Radio on implementing screens at all Winston Cup Races.

Turk has had the opportunity to work on significant projects throughout his career. Working alongside Joe Signorino, VP of systems integration at NEP, he built the first 3D truck, making it a large science project that changed every week. In addition, the two built an ESPN 3D truck.

Turk graduated with a B.S. in business and communications from Elon University and is a member of the SMPTE Pittsburgh Chapter, where he serves as chair.

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