Chris Scoggins

Blizzard Entertainment, Senior Media Asset Manager, Global Broadcast

As senior media asset manager for global broadcast at Blizzard Entertainment, Chris Scoggins oversees media and digital asset management for Blizzard Esports. This includes content archival and delivery, as well as VOD publishing pipelines for Overwatch League, BlizzCon, and the upcoming Call of Duty League.

He began work with Blizzard in 2017, building their asset management infrastructure from the ground up. Over the last two years, Scoggins and his team have worked tirelessly to develop, implement, and standardize asset management at Blizzard. His background stems from traditional sports broadcasting, where he focused on asset management and production scheduling. Transitioning into the expanding world of esports, Scoggins aims to establish enterprise asset management to service Blizzard's global content needs.

Featured in: Sports Content Management Workshop (Monday)

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