Charlie Collin

ESPN Creative Services, Senior Manager, Motion Graphics and Production Enhancements

Charlie Collin is the senior manager of the Production Enhancements team within ESPN Motion Graphics and Production Planning. His responsibilities include product development, implementing new graphics technologies within the live production environment, and providing sustainable solutions that enhance the storytelling experience. In other words, finding ways to leverage the skills and expertise of the many outstanding designers, animators, and engineers at ESPN who are involved with real-time graphics systems.

From the early days of virtual studio production in New York to being at ESPN for the past 10 years working on AR, virtual, mixed reality, and interactive graphics projects, Collin is passionate about and grateful to be involved in the ever-changing landscape of opportunities that persist for real-time graphics executions. With a BFA from SCAD in computer animation, he combines a design background with technical expertise from the school of hard knocks.

Featured in: Sports Graphics and AR Workshop (Monday)


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