Brad Rumler

Brainstorm, VP of Sales, U.S. and Canada
Brad Rumler is VP of sales for Brainstorm, a global company creating real-time graphics services and solutions, including virtual studios and augmented reality graphics for broadcasters for over 25 years.  Rumler’s team works with broadcasters and content providers in the U.S. and Canada to provide solutions to increase production value and provide new narrative possibilities for audience engagement while saving on production costs.
Before joining Brainstorm in 2013, Rumler held various positions in Australia and the U.S. for two decades both in television production and as a technical sales leader. He was a business developer, trainer, and strategic planner, specializing in innovative software, hardware, and broadcast solutions, from disruptive start ups to innovative corporations like Apple and AT&T.
Featured in: Sports Graphics and AR Workshop (Monday)

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